Recent Graduate Student Publications, Presentations, and Projects

Graduate Student Awards


We are excited to celebrate recent publications, presentations, projects, and more from graduate students in the Department of Music. Learn more about each student's accomplishments below. Congratulations to all!

Zivile Arnasiute 

The 15th Conference on Baltic Studies in Europe (CBSE): Paper presentation "Mythologizing Independence: Lithuania’s Reverberating Singing Revolution and Generational Fissures Beyond the Post-Soviet Urge" 

Submitted a review of R. Staneviciute and M. Janicka-Slysz (eds.) “Music and Change in the Eastern Baltics Before and After 1989” that was requested by the University College London’s publication Slavonic and East European Review (to be published in 2024) 

Completed the final round of edits for chapter “Lithuania’s Reverberating Singing Revolution and Generational Fissures Beyond the Post-Soviet Urge” as part of K. Pukinskis and J. Engelhardt (eds.) “Baltic Musics Beyond the Post-Soviet,” the Politics and Society in the Baltic Sea Region series of Tartu University Press (to be published in 2024) 


Bethany Battafarano

Invited to present a paper at a Día Internacional de la Lengua Materna conference in Coetzala, Veracruz, Mexico 

Presented a paper at the Michicagoan Conference 

Contracted on two projects with Schola Antiqua for the Early Music Now Series in Milwaukee and for a self-produced three-concert program in Chicago 

Awarded the Wadmond Fund for summer study in Ecuador, preliminary summer fieldwork in Mexico and Minnesota, and winter fieldwork in Ecuador 

Contracted on three weeklong projects with chamber ensemble Transept in South Dakota 

Served as Artist in Residence at Rockefeller Chapel


Patrick Dittamo

Presented three different papers at conferences: 

“‘The times for experiments are almost over’: The New York Pro Musica and the Reproduction of Historical Wind Instruments” at the American Musical Instrument Society Annual Meeting, Memphis, Tennessee (June 3, 2023) 

“Turn of the Century Instrument Collections as Material Theorizations of Music” at the Instruments of Global Music Theory Symposium, Princeton University (May 20, 2023) 

“‘Clericus Zamorensis’: Bartolomé de Escobedo and his Missa ad te levavi” at the V Congreso Internacional MedyRen “Encrucijadas Musicales,” held by the Comisión de Trabajo “Música y contextos en el mundo ibérico medieval y renacentista,” Sociedad Española de Musicología (SEdeM), Salón de Plenos de la Diputación de Zamora, Zamora, Spain (April 15, 2023) 

Wrote a book review for Notes that will be published this coming March: Review of Sound Actions: Conceptualizing Musical Instruments, by Alexander Refsum Jensenius (Cambridge: The MIT Press, 2022). Notes: the Quarterly Journal of the Music Library Association 80 no. 3 (March 2024): 501–504.   

Co-opted as the Overseas Representative of the Sir Arthur Sullivan Society 

Taught the Music Merit Badge for the Coronado Area Council, Boy Scouts of America, Kansas State University Merit Badge Conference (April 29, 2023) 

Premiered two art songs on texts by Rupert Brooke in recitals in New Zealand.  The recital concept was “Voices from Gallipoli,” centering music and poetry by artists who perished in the ill-fated Gallipoli campaign in World War I. 


Natalie Farrell

Presented at conferences in Paris, Exeter (UK), Dublin, and Spain 

Published the most-read article in the Journal of Sound and Music in Games ("K. K. COVID-19: Temporality, Trauma, and the Animal Crossing: New Horizons Soundtrack”) 

Published a chapter in a collected volume (“By (Dis)order of the Peaky Blinders: Trauma and Anachronistic Soundtracking in the Contemporary Period Drama” in The Palgrave Handbook of Scoring Peak TV: Music and Sound in Television’s New “Golden Age”) 

Coordinated a workshop on trauma-informed pedagogy, co-sponsored by the University of Chicago Center for Teaching and Learning and the University of Chicago Graduate Teaching Fora in Music 


Ronnie Malley 

Guest curator and performer for the Newberry Consort fall season concert of “Music of the Ottoman Court and Beyond” in connection with Newberry Library and their exhibit of the historic book, Tarih-i Yeni Dunya. 

Presented solo play, Ziryab, The Songbird of Andalusia, for Early Music Seattle at the Benaroya Hall performing arts center 

Presented the original theatrical musical play, Little Syria, co-written by Malley and his colleagues Omar Offendum and Thanks Joey as the inaugural opening for the UCLA Nimoy Theater.  

Music curator and performer for the Palestine Museum US 2023 Venice Biennale Architecture opening exhibit “From Palestine: Our Past, Our Future.”  

Special music guest performer at the 2023 White House Eid al-Fitr Celebration.


Varshini Narayanan

Published a chapter in the Routledge edited volume Navigating Stylistic Boundaries in the Music History Classroom: Crossover, Exchange, Appropriation. Narayanan's chapter is titled "Music of the Hyphen: Diaspora Music as Process and Product." 


Jacob Reed 

Presented at the AMS Annual Meeting, at a Music Analysis conference in Portugal, at the International Council for Traditional Music World Conference, and as an invited speaker at a Northwestern linguistics colloquium 

Made his debut playing organ continuo with the Newberry Consort  

Began (and is halfway through) the Bach at Bond series performing the complete organ works of JS Bach 


Audrey Slote 

Gave an invited lecture (via Zoom) to a class at Bowdoin College called Musicological Methods about epistemologies and practices of music theory 

Gave a presentation at AMS-Midwest entitled "Opera, Fascism, and the Space Race: The Strange American Afterlife of Dallapiccola's Volo di notte" 

Gave a presentation at the Theorizing African American Music conference entitled "Nicole Mitchell's Mandorla Awakening II and the Sounds of Black Utopian Social Theory." 


Pramantha Tagore

Article "Songs for the Empress: Queen Victoria in the Music History of Colonial Bengal" published by Cambridge University Press


Florian Walch

Presented the paper “Imagining New Extremes on the Record Player Time-Axis Manipulation as Creativity in Early Extreme Metal.” at The Biennial Meeting of the International Society for Metal Music Studies 

Presented the video “Monetized Misrecognitions: Alex Hefner, Cross-Genre Reaction Videos, and Deferred Expertise” at the UCLA Symposium Reconsidering Music, Technology, and Gender 

The article “Voice-leading, Register, and Contextualization in Three Major-Third Cycles by Mozart” will appear in the next issue of the Indiana Theory Review


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