Jacob Reed

Jacob Reed Headshot
Cohort Year: 2019
Research Interests: Words and/as music; rhythm; premodern China; analysis of popular music; performance practice; historiographies of art; 17th century Italy; history of theory; early 19th-century music (Schubert, Hensel); theories of pedagogy; 15th-century polyphony
Education: BA/MA, Yale University, 2017; MM, Yale School of Music, 2019


I’m an organist and music theorist, focusing on interactions between music and words: historical discourses on music, musical responses to lyrics, musical effects of sung and spoken language. Recently, I've been studying how lyrics are used to produce and disturb rhythms in pop music traditions, with an eye to similar interactions between rhythm and harmony/melody. Otherwise, I’m fascinated by writing on music (literary and theoretical) in premodern China, and continue to perform on a variety of early and modern keyboard instruments.