Jacob Reed

Jacob Reed Headshot
Cohort Year: 2019
Research Interests: Words and/as music; rhythm; premodern China; analysis of popular music; performance practice; historiographies of art; 17th century Italy; history of theory; early 19th-century music (Schubert, Hensel); theories of pedagogy; 15th-century polyphony
Education: BA/MA, Yale University, 2017; MM, Yale School of Music, 2019


I'm an organist and music theorist, studying how words and music interact in various times, places, and repertoires. My dissertation project combines tools from music theory and phonology to examine overlap, conflict, and compensation between lyrics and music; case studies examine musics including recent American pop music, indie rock, Chinese opera, and hip-hop. Other recent and ongoing projects have explored the interaction of music, language, and aesthetics in Early and Middle Period Chinese literary criticism, Romantic German music criticism and philosophy, jazz literature and criticism, and (with Chris Cháirez) the history of anthropology. jacobreedorgan.com