CHIME Studio

The computer music studio at the University of Chicago

The CHIME Studio (Chicago Integrated Media Experimental Studio) is a vital creative space in the Music Department at the University of Chicago. The studio is focused on creativity in the many realms of electronic music and its integration with other media. More information can be found on the CHIME Studio website

Housed in Rooms 210 and 102 in Goodspeed Hall, the studio is designed to facilitate recording and mixing projects in stereo and surround sound, support the production of new electronic, electro-acoustic, and multimedia works, and encourage the development of new software and hardware environments for musical expression.

The Studio houses a Mac Pro running Reaper, Pro Tools, and Ableton Live mixing environments and SuperCollider, PD, Processing, and Max/MSP coding environments. We have a number of high quality production plug-ins, including ValhallaDSP reverbs and FabFilter mastering software. Our hardware includes Apogee and RME audio interfaces, Focal and RCF speakers, a Toft Audio analog mixer, and Neve and DAV pre-amps. We also have a number of quality microphones by Sennheiser, Shure, and AKG and support off-site performances and recordings with our extensive road system.

The Studio regularly produces concerts and engages in collaborative projects with artists from across disciplines, both on campus and across the city of Chicago.

In addition to the recording and mixing studio in Goodspeed Hall, students have access to equipment and facilities at the Logan Media Center, found in the bottom floor of the Logan Center for the Arts. The CHIME Studio and the Logan Media Center maintain similar software suites so that media projects are compatible with both locations.