Why Study Music?

Goodspeed Hall Classroom

At the University of Chicago, whatever your interest in and path to music is, you can engage with it in new and exciting ways through the rigorous tradition of inquiry that defines the University. Past professors have shaped the discipline of music studies around the world, and current faculty in the Department are on the leading edge of research in a wide array of subject areas.

The Department of Music at UChicago allows you to study music your way. With flexible major and minor options, you can pursue your dream of becoming a hip-hop producer, an a cappella arranger, a leading member of the next generation of composers, or a new voice in music scholarship. You can also pursue interdisciplinary studies in music, combining the music major or minor with other disciplines such as computer science, cognitive science and psychology, sociology, or world languages and cultures.

Learn more about the diverse interests and fields of study in the department of music by exploring our faculty profiles and course offerings, then take a look at the music major and minor requirements