Florian Walch

Florian Walch
Cohort Year: 2016
Advisor(s): Seth Brodsky
Research Interests: Histories, music theories, and notation of popular musics; History of 20 th century music theory, theories of tonality, music theory and cognition; sonata theory and classical style; German idealism, Marx(ism), and psychoanalysis


Born into a family of musicians in Berlin, 1990. Briefly attempted to escape that fate through graphic design and student politics. Now loves this fate as chosen, straddling the line between music theory, music history and the ethnomusicological study of popular music.

Teaching Experience

Introduction to Harmony (CA, 2012)
Introduction to Musicology (CA, 2014)
MUSI 10100, Introduction to Western Art Music (CA, 2018)
MUSI 23509, Eurovision Song Contest (CA, 2019)