Department of Music
Goodspeed Hall, 3rd floor
1010 E. 59th St.
Chicago, IL 60637

Directions: From 59th street, go all the way through the archway to the quad. Turn left and you'll see the doors for Goodspeed Hall.

To request a room or hall reservation, email your request to

Phone: 773.702.8484

For questions about undergraduate admissions, courses, and the music major and minor programs, please contact the Director of Undergraduate Studies, Travis Jackson.

For questions about graduate admissions, courses, fellowships, and professional development, please contact the Director of Graduate Studies, Jennifer Iverson.

Faculty Administrators

Department Chair
Anna Schultz
Goodspeed 401

Director of Graduate Studies
Jessica Swanston Baker
Goodspeed 314

Director of Undergraduate Studies
Paula Harper
Goodspeed 203

Director of Admissions
Thomas Christensen
Wieboldt 401

Director of Professional Development
Steven Rings
Goodspeed 304

Director of the Performance Program
Barbara Schubert
Goodspeed 403; Logan 217B


Departmental Staff

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Visiting the Department of Music

Graduate Students

All students who are accepted for graduate study will be hosted for a prospective students' day or an individual visit to campus in late winter or early spring. Students who opt to visit in advance of admissions decisions may sit in on classes and learn about the Department from available students and faculty. For more information or to begin planning your visit, contact our Student Affairs Administrator.

Undergraduate Students

Our undergraduate program attracts students interested in the intense study, performance and composition of music in a liberal arts setting. Prospective undergraduate students are strongly encouraged to attend the formal information sessions held by the Department of Music in autumn and spring, in cooperation with the Office of College Admissions. These sessions, tailored to high school juniors and seniors, are given by faculty and staff members and will provide a solid overview of opportunities at the Department, along with ample opportunity for questions. While students may come to campus at other times, it is not always possible to meet with faculty and staff, or to receive the amount of dedicated time and information available at a regular session. Prospective undergraduate students with a specific interest in studying musicology, ethnomusicology, or composition as a major are encouraged to contact Director of Undergraduate Studies Paula Harper to arrange a meeting during their campus visit.