Eva Pensis

Eva Pensis Headshot
Cohort Year: 2016
Education: BM, University of Southern California


Eva is a joint PhD student in the Department of Music and Theatre and Performance Studies (TAPS). Eva’s work concerns the spaces between nightlife performance, survival economies (sex work and hustling), and the eroticization of violence in everyday life. She’s interested in performances of femininity—on the stage and in the street—across the 20th and 21st centuries, attending to how disreputable (read: sexualized) femininities (trans, Black, fat, poor, street, and 'freak' femininities) get produced within the public sphere as well as the numerous ways women and femmes considered disreputable rework this stigma to use the erotic as a ground for self-fashioning. Eva is a drag performer, Southwest showgirl and TS conjurer, who performs under the name APoliticalGirl.


Theatre and Performance Studies Workshop
Gender Studies and Sexuality Workshop

Teaching Experience

Intro to World Music & Performance
Eurovision Song Contest