David Wilson

David Wilson
Advisor(s): Anna Schultz
Research Interests: Music, nationalism, East Asia, Cold War, socialism, voice
Education: DMA, University of Southern California, 2016; MA, Middlebury College, 2012; MM, New England Conservatory, 2009; BM, University of Michigan, 2007


David Wilson is an ethnomusicology PhD student whose research interests lie at the intersection of music and politics. His dissertation focuses on the ways in which the music of late socialist China interacted with political ideologies, discursive practices, and the construction of gender, and how this has shaped contemporary political discourses. Other research interests include the ways in which political structures of totalitarian regimes shape creative practices, as well as issues of vocality and vocalism in song and concert repertories of 19th-century Europe. His writings encompass diverse topics such as the construction of gender in Chinese model operas, performance practice in Mahler’s orchestral songs, and the racial imaginary constructed by the musical selections of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign and inauguration.

Prior to coming to University of Chicago, David held voice teaching positions at New York University, Stanford University, Scripps College, and Middlebury College Summer Language Schools.


Ethnoise! (coordinator, 2019-20)

Teaching Experience

University of Chicago:
Introduction to Western Art Music (Spring 2019)
Opera Across Media (Fall 2019)
Introduction to World Music (Winter 2020)
Listening to Movies (Spring 2020)

Stanford University:
Musical Cultures of the World (Fall 2017)
Music of the African Diaspora (Fall 2017)
Elements of Music II (Winter 2018)
Music History Since 1830 (Spring 2018)