FAQ Graduate Research & Work Opportunities

What kinds of research grants are available for travel or for summer projects?
Both the Department and the Division of Humanities provide resources for conference travel. These funds must be requested in advance from the Chair of the Department and the Dean of Humanities, respectively. In addition, applications are invited each Spring for the Department’s research and study travel grants, which support research projects related to the student’s dissertation

Are there work opportunities or assistantships available for Graduate students?
In addition to work-study opportunities with the Performance Program and the Library, the Department also hires students for specialized positions such as Program Annotator, Technology Coordinator for classroom equipment, and Early Music Coordinator. Some faculty members also hire research assistants, and there are course assistantships and lectureships available as well. These positions are announced by the Chair. 

When can I teach a course?
Our students teach in years 3-5. Applications are invited by the Chair each Spring. In addition, students whose dissertations are well under way may propose to teach an undergraduate course related to their research under the auspices of the Stuart Tave Fellowship, announced in the Winter quarter.

Find additional information in the Music Graduate Student Handbook.