2023 Vocal Studies Program Audition Requirements

The Vocal Studies Program is holding in-person auditions for the 2023-24 year. Singers returning to the Vocal Studies Program do not need to re-audition, but MUST register through the online form.

  • Vocal Studies Program Audition Dates: Saturday, September 30 and Sunday, October 1
  • Deadline to sign up for a Vocal Studies Program audition: Friday, September 29 
  • Deadline to register your participation (returning vocalists): Friday, October 6 at 12 pm

Audition Requirements

  • Solo vocal auditions for the Vocal Studies Program will last 10 minutes each. 
  • Singers should bring a list of their solo vocal repertoire plus any significant performance experiences to the audition. 
  • Piano accompaniment will be provided at the audition. Be sure to bring legible scores with workable page turns. Any cuts should be clearly marked as well.
  • Students should present a variety of contrasting solo selections, up to a maximum of four. Excerpts, rather than complete pieces, are acceptable for the Vocal Studies auditions. One selection in a foreign language is preferred, but not required. 

Results & Placement

  • Vocalists will be contacted individually with regard to the wide variety of performance opportunities on campus, including showcase concerts, master classes, and recitals. 
  • Singers who are interested in taking private voice lessons should indicate that at the audition.

Tips for In-Person Auditions

  • Arrive early in order to be on time for your appointment. Each director has a very large number of auditions to hear, and needs to keep on schedule. 
  • Warm up thoroughly before the audition. Practice rooms on the first floor of Goodspeed Hall (1010 E. 59th Street) will be available for this purpose during the entire audition period. 
  • Remember that the goal of these auditions is to involve you in our Department of Music Performance Program, and to foster your musical growth while you are at the University of Chicago. There is no reason to be nervous! Come to the audition well-prepared, confident, and ready to demonstrate your musical strengths to the directors who are listening.