Repertoire List – Percussion Ensemble

2023-2024 Season

January 25, 2024
Mátyás Wettl: Nocturne
Tonia Ko: Breath, Contained II
Thierry De Mey: Musique de Table
David Bird: Decoder

May 2, 2024
Emma O’Halloran: SHELL
Emma O’Halloran: how sweet the thought of you as infinite
Kazunori Miyake: Chain
Richard Reed Parry​​​​​​​: Duet for Heart and Breath
Paul Smadbeck: Virginia Tate
David Maslanka: My Lady White
Adam Hopper: Ghost Garden
Ivan Trevino​​​​​​​: 2+1
Ivan Trevino: Shared Space

2022-2023 Season

January 26, 2023
David Skidmore: Movement 2 from Love Songs: Book One
Matthew Lorick: Odessa
Elliot Cole: Postlude No. 5
David Skidmore: Ritual Music

May 4, 2023
Eric Sammut: Libertango
Nikolai Kapustin: Variations for Piano, Op. 41
Traditional​​​​​​​: Sakura
George Gershwin​​​​​​​: Three Preludes for Piano
Erik Satie​​​​​​​: Gymnopedie No. 2
Eric Sammut: Rotation No. 4
Erik Satie: Gnossienne No. 1
Claude Debussy​​​​​​​: “Le Jardin sous la Pluie” from Estampes
Ney Rosauro​​​​​​​: Preludio No. 1 Mi menor
Eric Sammut: Sugaria

2021-2022 Season

February 10, 2022
Alex Stopa: “Desert Sunrise” from Three Scenes from the Desert
Thomas R. Marceau: Perpetuo
Richard Reed Parry: Duet for Heart and Breath
Alice Gomez & Marilyn Rife: Rain Dance
Bradley Slayter: Breakdown

May 12, 2022
Devonté Hynes: Press
Noame Qin: Impresso
Alex Stopa: “Red Rock Canyon” from Three Scenes from the Desert
Andrew Rindfleisch: Simple Song
Adam Hopper: Ghost Garden
Brian Blume: Black Racer

2019-2020 Season

February 6, 2020
Philip Glass: Madeira River
Paul Smadbeck: Etude No. 1
Juri Seo: Shui
Keiko Abe: Michi
Michael Burritt: The Offering

Ivan Trevino: Shared Space

2018-2019 Season

February 7, 2019
Mitchell Peters: A La Samba
Nathan Daughtrey: Edge of the World
Elliot Cole: Postludes (V, VI, VIII)
Brett Dietz: Sharpened Stick

May 30, 2019
Eugene Novotney: A Minute of News
Tonia Ko: Breath Contained
Jason Treuting: Life is (___)
Thierry de Mey: Musique de Tables

2017-2018 Season

February 1, 2018
Nathan Daughtrey: Lost Souls
Juri Seo: Shui
Michael Nyman: The Heart Asks Pleasure First
Richard Reed Parry: With Heart & Breath

May 24, 2018
John Herndon: Guac is Extra
Liam Teague: Love
Peter Garland: Apple Blossom
Brian Blume: Black Racer

2016-2017 Season

February 2, 2017
John Cage: Trio
John Cage: In A Landscape
John Cage: Living Room Music
John Cage: Dream
Susan Powell: Gilded Cage

June 1, 2017
Joe Tompkins: Trio
Tobias Broström: Twilight
Michael D. Obermeyer, Jr.: Two Moods
Gary Fry: Paradigm