Joseph Maurer

Joseph Maurer headshot
BA, Brown University
Research Interests: U.S.-based immigrant music traditions, music education, nonprofit organizations, nationalism, right-wing political music, maritime music revivalism, American Studies, urban studies, folk music


Joe Maurer is a Humanities Teaching Fellow at the University of Chicago, where he recently completed a PhD in Ethnomusicology. His dissertation is an ethnographic study of nonprofit music education organizations in several Chicago immigrant communities. His second area of research examines the aesthetics of sea music revivalism. His public and nonprofit-sector work includes research, strategic planning, and program evaluation for Chicago arts education organizations and Chicago Public Schools. Prior to his doctoral studies, Joe worked with high school students as a college access counselor in high school and nonprofit contexts in Providence, RI and Boston, MA.


Co-coordinator of EthNoise!, 2015-2016

Teaching Experience

Intro to World Music
Intro to Music Analysis and Criticism
Intro to the Social and Cultural Study of Music
Music, Immigration, and Ethnic Formation in the U.S. City
Reading Cultures I & II
Chicago (Im)migrant Literature
Pirate Chanteys; or, Maritime Music and Postmodern Nostalgia