George Adams

George Adams
Humanities Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow


George is a PhD candidate in Music Theory and Music History whose work focuses on experimental repertories and a network of theoretical questions that involve practices of music analysis. His dissertation project, “Listening to Conceptual Music: Technology, Culture, Analysis,” draws upon methods of art history, literary theory, and sound studies in order to address what is most salient about works of musical experimentalism. As a Chicago Center for Teaching Fellow, he has led courses and workshops on fundamentals of pedagogy and the inclusive incorporation of instructional technology in the classroom. His further teaching and research interests include the intersections of music and visual arts cultures in American popular media and the aesthetics and ethics of modernism.


Teaching Experience

Department of Music

Fundamentals of Music Theory (Instructor of Record, Spring 2019)
Introduction to Western Art Music (Instructor of Record, Spring 2018)
Introduction to Music: Analysis and Criticism (Instructor of Record, Winter 2017)
Music in Western Civilization (Course Assistant and Discussion Section Leader, Winter–Spring 2018)
Introduction to Music: Analysis and Criticism (Course Assistant, Spring 2017)
Harmony and Voice Leading (Course Assistant and Ear Training Section Leader, Academic Year 2015–16)
Introduction to Western Art Music (Course Assistant, Winter 2014)

Mellon Mays Summer Research Training Program

Writing for Research Seminar (Instructor of Record, Summer 2018)

Writing Program / College Core

Media Aesthetics: Text (Course Assistant and Writing Seminar Leader, Winter 2018)
Media Aesthetics: Image (Course Assistant and Writing Seminar Leader, Autumn 2017)



Sound & Society; Research in Arts and Visual Evidence