Anna B. Gatdula

Anna Gatdula
Cohort Year: 2017
Research Interests: American cultural history; opera; voice studies; affect theory

Anna received a BM in voice performance before pursuing an MA in musicology at Indiana University. A former recipient of the Eileen Southern Fund from the American Musicological Society (AMS) Committee on Cultural Diversity, she currently serves on the AMS Committee on Women and Gender. She is a proud co-founder of Project Spectrum, an interdisciplinary group of music studies graduate students and faculty committed to the work of diversity, equity, and access in the field. Outside of the academy, Anna is an amateur baker, triathlete, and knitter (in no particular order of proficiency).


Anna will co-chair the Sound and Society Workshop in AY 2019-2020. She attends Ethnoise! and other workshops on campus as time permits.

Teaching Experience

Music in Western Civilization, Fall and Winter quarters, 2019-2020)