Alex Tripp

Alex Tripp
Cohort Year: 2023


I am a music theorist and guitarist, studying the new musical objects of the internet.

My undergraduate work proposed a music theoretical framework for “replacement remix” internet memes. I have also written on the music of John Zorn, The Eric Andre Show, and the films of Oskar Fischinger.

Other academic areas of interest include topic theory, eighteenth century music, affect theory, aesthetics, media studies, art history, and performance studies.

As a performer, my main focus is jazz, though I have also completed session work in Rock and Pop contexts.

In addition, with my background in data science, I have pursued projects on Pitchfork and gendered language, and creating a Spotify “Anti-Recommender” algorithm.

Outside of academics, I enjoy crossword puzzles, going to the movies, cooking, and losing to Hiro Cho in chess.