Aimee Gonzalez


Aimee González is a PhD student in Music History and Theory. Her dissertation project examines the revival of colonial sacred music in Cuba since the 1990s. Aimee also studies lay devotion to saints in the late-middle ages, particularly the motets of Jean Mouton. She received a MM in musicology, BM in violin performance, and BA in political science from the University of Florida. Aimee is active in various initiatives to improve diversity, inclusion, and equity in the humanities and also serves as the coordinator of the UChicago Early Music Ensemble. In her spare time, she enjoys caring for far too many plants, making fiber art, and dancing.

Teaching Experience

  • Research and Performance: Latin American Baroque Music and Ritual (Course Assistant, Spring 2018)
  • Music in Western Civilization I (Course Assistant, Winter 2019)