PhD Composer Hunter Brown Releases New Album

headshot - Hunter Brown (left) and Jakob Heinemann (right)


The Department of Music is proud to share that PhD composer Hunter Brown recently released an album. The album, titled Clout, is the duo project of Hunter Brown and bassist Jakob Heinemann.  

The musical duo writes, “through the medium of electroacoustic improvisation, Clout navigates monolithic sonic territories including stringent rhythmic textures, perforated noise, and silence. The fringes of perception and the austere are equally laid bare when Clout is on stage. 

The original meaning of the term 'clout' is 'a heavy blow with the hand or a hard object.' This project explores a direct inverse of this action. Can heaviness be felt through expulsion rather than force? absence rather than presence? reduction rather than augmentation? For a speaker to produce sound, it must first retract before pushing air forward. This self-titled record is a collection of retractions before impact.” 

The album is out now on Party Perfect Records. A digital copy is available on Party Perfect’s Bandcamp, and CDs are also available for purchase.  


About Hunter Brown

Hunter Brown is a composer, improviser, and percussionist based in Chicago Illinois. His musical practice focuses on creating fluid musical spaces by enabling unpredictable, spontaneous, and idiosyncratic interactions between human performers and digital media. His research interests include computer music, free improvisation, algorithmic composition, glitch, noise, circuit bending, and extremes. Read more here