Audrey Slote Awarded Society for Music Theory 2022 Student Presentation Award

Audrey Slote

Audrey Slote, a graduate student in the Department of Music, has been awarded the 2022 Student Presentation Award by the Society for Music Theory. One of two winners, Audrey was awarded for her paper presentation "Chiasmus as Critique: Dallapiccola’s Ulisse and the Political Resonances of Musical Form.” The Society for Music Theory says of Audrey's paper presentation "Audrey immersed us in a virtuosic analysis of cross-partitions, revealing how row forms and partitioning strategies manifest chiasmus at a micro-level while reflecting on the dramatic and narrative impact of motivic transformations across opera scenes, as well as the implications of Dallapiccola’s approach to form for a postwar, antifascist politics."

Audrey is currently writing a dissertation that explores what analysis has meant to the field of Anglo-American music theory since its inception, with the goal of reexamining and expanding practices of analysis so that they can meaningfully interface with questions of power and representation.

Congratulations, Audrey! Read the full award announcement on the SMT website.