Tea Time Concert Series: UChicago Jade Chinese Music Ensemble

UChicago Jade Chinese Music Ensemble in Fulton Recital Hall

January 12, 2023 | 4:30PM
Fulton Recital Hall, Goodspeed Hall, 4th floor

Inaugurated in spring 2022, Jade Chinese Music Ensemble is dedicated to promoting traditional and contemporary Chinese music and incorporating both western and other world music genres. With musicians from the UChicago community and beyond, the ensemble is the leading Chinese music ensemble in the greater Chicago area and has launched a series of concerts and performances. 

Complimentary tea and cookies are served at 4:15 PM, and the music begins at 4:30 PM.

Cloud Chasing the Moon ❮彩雲追月❯ .....Cantonese Music
New Sound of Sizhu ❮絲竹新韻❯.......Chunlin Yang 
Raining on the Thousand Lotuses ❮落雨荷香❯........Yun-Chen Tsai 
The Grapes Are Ripe ❮葡萄熟了❯.......Wei Zhou 
The Eternal Sorrow of Lin’an ❮臨安遺恨❯..........Jiliang Lin 

Free admission. No tickets required.