Kari Watson, electronics

May 24, 2023 | 7:30PM
Bond Chapel

Quadraphonic will feature music and performances for quadraphonic speaker array by Kari Watson, Lula Asplund, and Dorothy Carlos.

Kari Watson is a composer and sound artist working between the mediums of contemporary concert music, electroacoustic music, live performance, and interactive installation work. With roots in vocal study and performance, her work is informed by the vocal line and often incorporates text. Inspired by her research on electronic mediation of the voice in regard to gender and sexuality performance, Watson has begun using her voice as a raw material to be manipulated and processed towards various dramatic ends.

Lula Asplund is a composer currently based in Chicago whose work explores tactile and intimate sound through use of extreme vocal processing and degradation. By delving into the minutiae of the voice, Asplund seeks to grasp something that exists between the realms of a mere note, gasp, word, or scream.

Dorothy Carlos is an experimental cellist and electronic musician working in improvised performance and multi-channel sound installation in New York City and Chicago. Her work
utilizes randomized effect pedals, programmed electronics, and extended techniques to explore fragility and imaginaries. Recent solo performances have been presented by e-flux, Experimental Sound Studio Chicago, Big Ears Festival, and the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Free admission. Suggested donation of $10-20.

Presented by the CHIME Studio in partnership with the Clean Air Club

Quadraphonic poster