Music Revealed with Jennifer Iverson

Music Revealed with Jennifer Iverson

May 8, 2020 | 4:30PM
Facebook Live

Liminal Synths: Sonic Pre-Histories and The Search for Legitimacy

A lecture by Assistant Professor Jennifer Iverson

Electronic sound pervades our 21st century experiences, but how and when did it become ubiquitous? This talk by Assistant Professor of Music Jennifer Iverson (who begins an appointment as Associate Professor on July 1) focuses on two liminal moments: the Barron studio in 1950s NYC (of Forbidden Planet fame) and Moog synthesizer pop-rock cover albums from the late 1960s. Analyzing these genre-crossing experiments, Iverson asks how instruments and sounds can express economic and political ideologies. Electronic experiments—from cult favorites to dustbin discards––either gain legitimacy, or don’t. This talk explores why.

About "Music Revealed: A Public Humanities Lecture Series"

The University of Chicago Department of Music is excited to announce the launch of a streaming humanities lecture series titled Music Revealed, bringing captivating insights in music straight to your home. With multimedia presentations delivered via Facebook Live, University of Chicago Music faculty will peel back the layers on the history, theory, and anthropology of music, sharing their research and answering your questions.

Join us for the first lecture featuring Assistant Professor of Music Jennifer Iverson on Friday, May 8 at 4:30 pm CDTProfessor Martha Feldman will present on May 15, and Professor Philip V. Bohlman takes the virtual stage on May 22.