Kongero with UChorus & Women's Ensemble

Kongero press image

November 27, 2023 | 7:30PM
Rockefeller Memorial Chapel

Singers from the University Chorus and Women’s Ensemble perform alongside the highly esteemed Swedish Folk'appella group Kongero. The program features powerful, evocative, haunting works, embracing the Scandinavian folk music experience.

Free admission

About Kongero

Kongero is a Swedish vocal group consisting of the four female folk singers Lotta Andersson, Emma Björling, Sofia Hultqvist Kott and Anna Wikénius. Kongero was formed in 2005 when the original members all attended a Nordic folk music conference. By chance they started singing together and found that their voices and harmonies blended perfectly. Since then they have performed at many of the major folk music scenes and festivals and at several a cappella and chamber music festivals as well as doing tours all over Europe, Asia and The Americas. They also do church concerts, school concerts, tours, perform at business events, and conduct well-received workshops in traditional Swedish vocal music and vocal harmonies.

Kongero’s repertoire consists of traditional and original songs and tunes arranged by the members. Kongero tells tales of life, with moving love songs, dramatic medieval ballads, witty ditties, and spirited dances. Their music is characterized by tight harmonies, inciting rhythms and the clarity of their beautiful voices. With confidence, technical skill, irresistible playfulness, and brilliant arrangements, they create a unique sound that brings the traditional music from the past and into the present. They call their genre Swedish Folk'appella.

Kongero has released 6 full length albums: ”Om Mikaelidagen” (2008), ”Bakvända Världen” (2011), ”no. 3” (2014), “Kom” (2017), the collaboration project "Vaerla Vaken" (2018) together with instrumental folk band Massivet and the live album "Live in Longueuil" (2021). Their records have received excellent reviews and have reached a broad audience in the Nordic countries, all over Europe, Canada, Brazil, Japan and the USA. In 2020 Kongero celebrated 15 years as a band with lots of planned anniversary events (of course postponed due to Covid-19). Kongero has their own beer made by Jackdaw Breweries (SE) and Brouwerij Alvinne (BE) in collaboration. Kongero has also released three Song Books with their workshop material.