A group of dancers with their eyes closed in a group embrace.

April 11, 2025 | 7:30PM
Logan Center Performance Hall

Part of the UChicago Presents 2024/25 Music Without Borders Series, Full Season, Pick 4, Pick 6, and Pick 8 subscriptions.


The 2024-25 Don Michael Randel Ensemble-in-Residence 

inDANCE is a progressive dance company known for its diverse choreographic inspiration, blending Bharatanatyam, contemporary, and queer elements. ROWDIES IN LOVE delves into technical rigor and queer intimacy, using inDANCE's unique movement style to challenge societal norms, performed by eight brilliant dancers. ROWDIES IN LOVE serves as a transformative political statement, advocating for acceptance of diverse gender and sexual identities. 

Inside the Pillow Lab: Hari Krishnan/inDANCE