2023 Choral Audition Requirements

Choral auditions will be held both in-person and by pre-recorded video.  

All new singers must audition for the choral ensembles, either by pre-recorded video or by selecting a time for a live audition. Live auditions will be recorded for reference.  

Returning participants of the University Chorus or Women’s Ensemble do NOT need to submit a video or select a live audition time, but MUST fill out the online registration form. Previous participants who would like to join or return to the Motet Choir and Rockefeller Chapel Choir must select a live audition time.

  • Choral audition dates: Virtual submissions begin September 11, live auditions are held September 24, 25, 26, and October 3
  • Deadline to register for a choral audition: Monday, October 2
  • Deadline to submit a virtual audition: Tuesday, October 3

Pre-recorded Video Audition Requirements

  • Be sure to furnish all information required on the audition form.
  • At the beginning of your video, clearly state your name, your voice part, and your preferred ensemble(s). 
  • Your audition video must include the following components, with the first two items in a single continuous video: 
    • A vocalization track
      • Play the vocalization prompt (softly) in the background, and sing along in full voice, OR: 
      • Listen to the vocalization prompt on headphones, and sing along, recording only your own voice. 
    • A sing-through of the furnished excerpt 
      • A recording of background chords is also available, and you may choose to sing along with the background chords if you wish (though it is not required). If you are singing along to the chords, please use headphones so the recording showcases JUST your voice.
    • (Optional) A short recording of some prepared song or vocal excerpt, which can be uploaded in a separate video. Please state the name and composer of the excerpt before you begin. 
  • Your audition video should be no more than 6 minutes in combined duration and should be ONE audition video. You may splice videos together or do it all in one take. Upload as directed on the registration form. 

Live Audition Requirements

  • Auditions will last approximately 7 minutes for returning singers and 10 minutes for new singers.
  • The audition itself will consist of the following:
    1. Vocalization to determine voice range and to evaluate pitch accuracy and vowel purity.
    2. Pitch memory exercises and brief sight-reading of one or two melodic phrases.
  • Experienced singers with previous vocal training may prepare a short solo excerpt, but this is not required. 

Results & First Rehearsal

  • Rosters for all ensembles, including recalls for Motet Choir, will be emailed to auditionees and posted outside the Music Department Main Office (Goodspeed Hall, Room 309) and outside the Choral Office (Cobb Hall, Room 429).  
  • Attendance at the first rehearsal of each ensemble, as announced on the posted rosters, is mandatory. 
  • Be sure to check ALL of the acceptance lists carefully, as you may not be placed in your first-choice ensemble.

Tips for Video Submissions

  • Ensemble directors aren't looking for a professional quality recording or a pristine performance. They just want to get to know you and hear how you sing, so choose audition repertoire that will allow you to put your best foot forward.  
  • For tips on recording an audition video, see our basic recording guide here