2023 Chamber Music Program Audition Requirements

All new musicians interested in participating in the Chamber Music Program, as well as returning musicians who do not have an established chamber group, must play a short audition for placement in an appropriate ensemble. Returning musicians who have an established chamber group MUST confirm their interest in participating in the Chamber Music Program by registering through the online form. All members of the established group must register. 

  • Chamber Music Program Audition Dates: Saturday, September 30. If you are unavailable on September 30, please reach out to Heather Wittels to find an audition time before September 30.  
  • Deadline to register for a Chamber Music Program audition: Friday, September 29.  

Audition Requirements

  • Chamber Music Program Auditions—for string players, pianists, and other instrumentalists—will last approximately 6 minutes each. 
  • Prepare approximately 3 to 4 minutes of music to play at the audition, preferably consisting of the beginning of a solo piece, or short excerpts of two pieces. Select repertoire that demonstrates your technical ability and your musical skills.
  • This short audition will be used to place you in a chamber group with musicians of similar technical abilities and musical preferences, so it is to your advantage to be well prepared. Do not choose music that is too difficult for you, or that you have not prepared thoroughly.
  • You will NOT be asked to sight-read at this year’s Chamber Music Program Audition.
  • Memorization of the audition excerpts is not necessary.
  • Auditions will take place on September 30, 2023. If you are not available that day, email Chamber Music Program Director Heather Wittels (hwittels@uchicago.edu) by September 25 to schedule a separate, earlier placement audition.

Results & Placement

  • Musicians will be contacted individually regarding their group placement, coaching sessions, and performance opportunities. 
  • A Chamber Music launch party will be held near the start of the academic year, at which procedures will be explained and musicians can meet their groups and coaches.

Tips for In-Person Auditions

  • Arrive early in order to be on time for your appointment. Each director has a very large number of auditions to hear, and needs to keep on schedule. 
  • Warm up thoroughly before the audition. Practice rooms on the first floor of Goodspeed Hall (1010 E. 59th Street) will be available for this purpose during the entire audition period. 
  • Remember that the goal of these auditions is to involve you in our Department of Music Performance Program, and to foster your musical growth while you are at the University of Chicago. There is no reason to be nervous! Come to the audition well-prepared, confident, and ready to demonstrate your musical strengths to the directors who are listening. 

We look forward to hearing your audition.

Join us for these events:

Everyone is invited to two Chamber Music events on Thursday, Oct 5:

4:30 pm The Teatime Concert in Fulton Recital Hall (located in Goodspeed Hall) will feature Heather Wittels (Director of Chamber Music) with two of her colleagues from the Lyric Opera of Chicago performing the Brahms trio for violin, french horn, and piano

5:15 pm (approximately) following the concert, join us for the Chamber Music Program info session and pizza party in Goodspeed Hall, room 402