2020 Vocal Audition Requirements

Vocalists who are interested in participating in the University Chorus, Motet Choir, Rockefeller Chapel Choir, Women's Ensemble, or the Vocal Studies Program are required to submit a pre-recorded audition video.

Students who are unable to submit a pre-recorded audition video should email choral directors Mollie Stone and James Kallembach to inquire about alternative options.

Vocal Audition Requirements

  • Be sure to furnish all information required on the audition form.
  • At the beginning of your video, clearly state your name, your instrument, and your preferred ensemble(s).
  • Your audition video must include the following components, with the first two items in a single continuous video:
    • A vocalization track.
      • Play the vocalization prompt (softly) in the background, and sing along in full voice, OR:
      • Listen to the vocalization prompt on headphones, and sing along, only recording your own voice.
    • A sing-through of the furnished excerpt
    • (Optional) A short recording of some prepared song or vocal excerpt, which can be uploaded in a separate video. Please state the name and composer of the excerpt before you begin.
  • Your audition videos should be no more than 6 minutes in combined duration. Upload as directed on the audition form.

Submit a Vocal Audition

The deadline to submit a pre-recorded video audition is Friday, January 15 at 5 pm.

Vocal ensemble placements will be announced via email.