University of Chicago at 2014 AMS / SMT Conference

The American Musicological Society and the Society for Music Theory are hosting a conference on November 6 - 9 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The multi-day symposium will feature UChicago Music Department faculty, current students, and alumni presenting papers and participating in panels on a wide variety of subjects. 

  • Music History / Theory student Miriam Tripaldi presents her paper “Dispelling the Western Myth: Opera, Mobility, Experimentation, and the Emergence of the Russian Nation in Saint Petersburg,” part of  Eastern Borders (AMS)
  • Music Theory Lecturer Drew Nobile presents "Harmonic Function in Rock Music: A Syntactical Approach" as part of Rocky Relationships (SMT)
  • Professor Philip Bohlman takes part in a panel entitled New Approaches to Introducing Jewish Music (AMS)
  • Associate Professor Berthold Hoeckner presents "Film, Music, Affective Economies" as part of Cinematic Sounds (AMS). Berthold also is a panelist on Interdisciplinarity Today: Five Perspectives (AMS)
  • Associate Professor Steven Rings presents “Metaphor, Technology, and Experience in Harrison’s Harmonic Theory,” part of Harmonic Function in Chromatic Music at Twenty (SMT)
  • Music History / Theory student August A. Sheehy presents "What is a Music Analyst?" as part of a roundtable discussion on New Ontologies of Sound and Music. August also presents "'I Know What I Love in My Mozart': Gottfried Weber and the Problem of Judgment" as part of Eighteenth-Century Music Theory (SMT)
  • Professor Thomas Christensen chairs the discussion Hammered (SMT)
  • Assistant Professor Seth Brodsky chairs and participates in the discussion Psychoanalysis and Music: A (Sexual) Relationship? (AMS)
  • Music History / Theory student Cesar Favila presents “Music for Profession: Ceremonies in Early Modern Novohispanic Convents” as part of Music and the Sacred (AMS)
  • Professor Martha Feldman is a moderator and participant in the discussion Why Voice Now? (AMS / SMT)
  • Music History / Theory student Marcelle Pierson presents “Voice and Techné in Music for 18 Musicians,” part of Arts Efficacy (AMS)
  • Music History / Theory student Ted Gordon presents "Sound is God: La Monte Young and Pandit Pran Nath in New York,” part of Downtown Sounds (AMS)

There is also a University of Chicago Alumni Reception taking place from 9:00pm - 12:00am in the Hilton Wright Ballroom C. The entire program for the event can be found here