Resounding Earth places in Top 10 Classical & New-Music Albums of 2013 by Time Out Chicago

University of Chicago professor Augusta Read Thomas's four-movement work entitled Resounding Earth was recorded by Third Coast Percussion this year and was just named one of the year's Top 10 Classical and New-Music Albums by Time Out Chicago

From Time Out Chicago:

"Third Coast Percussion Resounding Earth (New Focus Recordings)
The decay of a bell ring can be mapped linearly, but the resonance of struck metal contains in it an element of eternity, floating away rather than being extinguished. Augusta Read Thomas’s new four-movement commission for Third Coast Percussion, Resounding Earth, embraces the spiritual connotations of these instruments with titles “Invocation,” “Prayer,” “Mantra” and “Reverie Carillon.” The exuberant trades and dueting of the opening “Invocation” lift skyward as though each bell were tethered to a helium balloon. The dynamic range on display throughout the album further magnifies the elysian quality of Thomas’s writing, and Third Coast’s performance is as synchronous as it is dramatically fertile. Toss out those Deepak Chopra guided meditations cassettes and find a true state of bliss (with 100% less synthesizer) in Resounding Earth."