Francisco Castillo Trigueros' dissertation composition nominated for 2014 Gaudeamus Prize

The dissertation composition of Francisco Castillo Trigueros (Ph.D. student in Composition), entitled Sur Les Débris and written for bass flute and electronics, has been nominated for the prestigious Gaudeamus Prize 2014 in The Netherlands.

From the Gaudeamus Muziekweek website:

"Composers regard the Gaudeamus Prize as international recognition of their work. It often becomes the springboard to their career. In previous years, 10 or more compositions were selected in order to reflect the diversity of the youngest generation of composers. For the 2014 competition, the organizers asked the jury to shortlist a lower number of works to facilitate a more in-depth approach. The participating composers were invited to enter in one of three categories: Large Ensemble (Asko|Schönberg), Electric Ensemble (Ensemble Klang), and Small Vocal Ensemble (VOCAALLAB). Next year's festival programme will include additional works (for other instrumentations) by theselected composers. So instead of being judged on the basis of a single composition, the nominees can showcase different aspects of their work-to-date. As a result, Gaudeamus Muziekweek 2014 will offer even deeper and broader insights to the audience as well as to (international) professionals in the field. The size of the award – a composition commission worth € 4,550 for the 2015 festival – remains unchanged."

More information about the competition can be viewed here: