Daniel Callahan appointed Mellon Instructor and Postodctoral Fellow

Dear friends, students, and colleagues:

It's my great pleasure to announce that for two years, between fall 2012 and spring 2014, we will be joined in Music by Mellon Instructor and Postdoctoral Fellow Daniel Callahan. Daniel is receiving his PhD this spring at Columbia University in New York, where he has written an exciting doctoral thesis called "The Dancer from the Music: Men, Modern Dance, and Choreomusicalities on the U.S. Stage, 1910-2010," combining work in dance, film, music, and gesture that functions at the disciplinary interstices of musicology, cinema and media studies, theater and performance studies, and gender studies and utilizes such methods as choreographies, sound reconstruction for dance film, archival work, and oral histories, to name a few.

Daniel has worked on Merce Cunningham, Ted Shawn, and Mark Morris, and has also written about Arnold Schoenberg, Leonard Bernstein, and Tina Turner. Currently he is working on exciting newly discovered material concerning Bernstein.

As a prestigious Mellon Fellow (one of two appointed this year in the Humanities and Social Sciences Divisions and the Divinity School), Daniel will devote himself to intensive research and writing and will teach two courses per year, undergraduate and graduate, of his own design. His primary appointment will be in Music, where he will have an office, but he will also be teaching courses cross-listed in such other units as Theater and Performance Studies and will be collaborating at the Gray Center for Arts and Inquiry and teaching at the Logan Center for the Arts.

Please join me in extending our warmest congratulations and welcome to Daniel.

All best wishes,