Composer and Performer Collaboration explored in Project Incubator

Collaboration between composer and performer during the actual composition process is rarer than you might think, and Project Incubator aims to expand that. The project brought together ten UChicago PhD composers with ten top-tier performers of new music in an experimental six month collaboration, all documented by independent filmmaker Frances Cedro. The fruits of the project will be shared this weekend in a symposium discussion on Friday and the premieres of the new works and their documentaries on Sunday. 

On Friday, May 8th, in Fulton Hall, there will be an open discussion with the project's composers, performers, and the filmmaker, hosted by the Department and led by Seth Brodsky and Anthony Cheung. The focus of the conversation will be on the project's innovative creative process and collaborative composition at large. It will also include some preview performances of some of the works and excerpts from their documentaries. 

The project will culminate on Sunday, May 10th, when the Constellation Theater hosts the premieres of these new works and the short films documenting the collaborations between composer and performer. 

More info on the project and the upcoming events are on Project Incubator's website.