Augusta Read Thomas’s album Ritual Incantations praised as spellbinding

University Professor of Compositon Augusta Read Thomas's newest album Ritual Incantations is a collection of her works spanning 18 years, from 1999 to 2017. It juxtaposes the two sides of Thomas already encountered in previous volumes, the large-scale thinker in the cello concerto Ritual Incantations, the piano trio Klee Musings and the recent string quartet Chi, and the miniaturist in the six other works which on this disc act as satellites to the above-mentioned three larger works.

Jeremy Glazier, writer for La Tempestad a Spanish-speaking magazine that covers contemporary visual arts, literature, performative arts, film, architecture and desig, reviewed the album. 

Glazier writes, "...this is a composer for whom music and joy are synonymous. In a world that all too often seems dappled by our more destructive magicks, Thomas herself deserves a great deal of praise."

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