Anthony Cheung's NYC performances garner NY Times praise

Anthony Cheung, Assistant Professor of Music at UChicago, has been busy in New York City recently. The composer and performer pushed sonic boundaries while exploring microtonal music with the Talea Ensemble, and his Orpheus-inspired orchestra piece "Lyra"  was premiered by the New York Philharmonic.

Cheung is the Artistic Director for the Talea Ensemble but also took to the stage most recently at The Stone in the East Village of NYC to perform pieces on both an acoustic piano and an electric keyboard that had been modified to sound like an elaborately retuned piano. The New York Times covered the event and called Cheung "an alert, cool pianist." The full article can be read here

"Lyra" was performed during the New York Philharmonic's minifestival of Beethoven's piano concertos. The concertos are played over the course of three weeks with world premieres of other pieces by leading contemporary composers performed in between. Like Cheung's work at The Stone, this piece also makes use of subtle alterations in the tuning of some of the instruments involved. The New York Times called the performance "shimmering;" their write-up of the minifestival can be found here