Open Rehearsal and Reading Session: Students of Music 262 (Advanced Composition)

Anthony Cheung's advanced composition class seated around a conference table

December 9, 2019 | 6:00PM
Fulton Recital Hall

Anthony Cheung, instructor
Will Myers, course assistant

Featuring new work by the following undergraduate composers:

Victor Cui
Miles Donnelly
Jonathan Gardner
Sarah Hough
Diana Kalima
Gareth Ramsey
Frank Song
Mingji Wang

With special guests:

Emma Hospelhorn, flute
John Corkill, percussion
Matthew Oliphant, horn

Come listen to brand new works by the undergraduate composers of Advanced Composition, a new course that examines the multifaceted techniques, aesthetics, and repertoires of recent music while also serving as a workshop for students to try out new ideas for their own creative work. The session will run as an open rehearsal and reading, with each new work played through and recorded. There will be a small reception afterwards in the Fulton Hall lobby.