Music Department Statement on ICE order pertaining to F-1 visas

The undersigned members of the Music Department consider the ICE's refusal to grant or renew F-1 visas for international students in online courses as an attack on student rights, education, and public health.  

We have a long tradition—and a wonderful present cohort—of such students, whom we cherish, but whom we also need to keep safe during the pandemic.  Forcing them into in-person situations, given all the health uncertainties, is nothing other than blackmail, both of the University's right to protect its students and students' right to a safe environment. 

We will resist this order while maintaining safe ways for F-1 visa holders to be part of our community.


Jessica Swanston Baker, Philip V. Bohlman, Seth Brodsky, Anthony Cheung, Thomas Christensen, Martha Feldman, Berthold Hoeckner, Jennifer Iverson, Travis A. Jackson, James Kallembach, Robert L. Kendrick, Sam Pluta, Augusta Read Thomas, Steven Rings, Olga Sanchez-Kisielewska, Barbara Schubert, Anna Schultz, Lawrence Zbikowski

Undersigned by

George Adams – Humanities Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow
Adrienne Alton-Guest – PhD Candidate
Chris Batterman Cháirez – Graduate Student
Devon Borowski – PhD Candidate
Mwata Bowden – Lecturer, Director of the Jazz X-tet
Fiona Boyd – Graduate Student
Darlene Castro – Graduate Student
John Corkill – Lecturer, Director of the Percussion Ensemble
Patrick Fitzgibbon – PhD Candidate
Rebecca Flore – Graduate Student
Danielle Frabutt Garcia – Manager, Production and Operations for the Performance Program
Jonah Francese – Graduate Student
Peter Gillette – Department Administrator
Tomal Hossain – Graduate Student
Eugenia Jeong – Lecturer, Director of Piano Studies
Clare Longendyke – Lecturer, Piano Artist-in-Residence, Director of the Chamber Music Program
Daniel Meyers – Manager of Communications and Development, UChicago Presents and Department of Music
Patrice Michaels – Lecturer; Director, Vocal Studies Program
Theodore Moore – PhD Candidate
Tricia Park – Lecturer, Violin Artist-in-Residence
Hannah Rogers – Graduate Student
Siavash Sabetrohani – Graduate Student
Maria Savannah – Performance Program Coordinator

Barbara Schubert – Senior Lecturer; Director, Performance Program; Conductor, University Symphony Orchestra
Matthew Sheppard – Director, University Chamber Orchestra
Claire Snarski – Graphic Designer
Craig Trompeter – Director, Early Music Ensemble
Trista Trone – Student Affairs Administrator
Andrew Malilay White – PhD Candidate
David Wilson – PhD Candidate
Jessica Wolfe – Director of Production and Education, UChicago Presents