Participant Schedule

Chamber Music Intensive - Participant Schedule

Schedule subject to change

Thursday, July 13

10–10:30 am: Welcome and Orientation
10:45 am–12 pm: Rehearsal / Coaching
12–1:00 pm: Lunch Break (brown bag or local eateries)
1:00–1:30 pm: Personal Practice
1:30–3 pm: Rehearsal
3:30–5 pm: Coaching
5–7 pm: Dinner (provided)
7–8 pm: Concert: Spektral Quartet and Daniel Pesca, piano

Friday, July 14

10–10:20 am: Morning Meeting
10:30 am–12 pm: Rehearsal / Coaching
12–1 pm: Lunch (brown bag or local eateries)
1–2:15 pm: Guest Speaker: TBA
2:30–4 pm: Coaching
4:15–5:30 pm: Rehearsal
6 pm: Field Trip & Picnic (box dinner provided)
Beethoven, Strauss, and a U.S. Premiere by Matthew Hindson

Saturday, July 15

10–10:20 am: Morning Meeting
10:30 am–12 pm: Rehearsal / Coaching
12–1 pm: Lunch Break (provided)
1–2:30 pm: Rehearsal / Coaching
3–4:30 pm: Guest Artist Masterclass: Arnold Steinhardt
5:00–6:15 pm: Conversation with Arnold Steinhardt
6:30-8:00 pm: Pizza and Sight-reading

Sunday, July 16

10 am–2 pm: Final Rehearsals, Coachings as desired, and Sound Checks (brunch provided)
2–4 pm: Final Concert and Reception