Music Programs


Pianists, instrumentalists, and singers are offered rich and varied opportunities to develop their musical skills through the Department's Music Study Programs. 

These programs involve one-on-one coaching opportunities with program directors Daniel Pesca, Svetlana Belsky, and Patrice Michaels, respectively, as well as coaching and master class possibilities with members of the Department’s Ensembles-in-Residence and visiting guest artists.

Each of these programs holds placement auditions at the beginning of the season, at which musicians are evaluated and appropriate placed.  For more information on auditions, including specific requirements for each program, view the Auditions page.

Chamber Music Program  •  Daniel Pesca, Director

A wide-ranging and inclusive Chamber Music Program provides numerous performance opportunities for student musicians.  Chamber music groups are set up at the beginning of the year, then guided in the selection of repertoire and coached regularly by Chamber Music Program Director Daniel Pesca and members of the Spektral Quartet.  Periodic coaching opportunities with other Chicago-area musicians are available as well, as opportunities arise and/or repertoire dictates.

Chamber music groups participate in quarterly Chamber Music Master Classes and perform on the Thursday Tea Time Concert Series and/or on the Chamber Music Showcase concerts that take place each year.  Additional off-campus performance opportunities are also available, including regular recitals and concerts at Montgomery Place, a local retirement community.

All musicians interested in chamber music should sign up for a Chamber Music Placement Audition at the beginning of the academic year, as most placements are made at that time.  Players are assigned to chamber music groups with musicians of similar repertoire interests, experience, and musical abilities.  

Piano Program  •  Svetlana Belsky, Director

Student pianists can enhance their musical skills and experience through master classes, quarterly Piano Showcase concerts, and numerous other opportunities offered by the Department of Music Piano Program.  Regular coaching sessions with Svetlana Belsky are available for pianists who are preparing performances of solo and/or chamber repertoire.  Master classes with visiting guest artists or local professional pianists are offered several times each quarter.  There are numerous concerts both on and off campus each season, many of which focus on a specific composer or historical period.

Student pianists interested in taking advantage of coaching opportunities, playing in master classes, and performing in Department concerts must audition for the Piano Program in order to be included in these activities.  Auditions are held at the beginning of the academic year.  Practice rooms are available in Goodspeed Hall and the Logan Center.

Further information on auditions, coaching sessions, master classes, and upcoming Piano Program events can be found on the Piano Program website

Vocal Studies Program  •  Patrice Michaels, Director

In addition to the four choral ensembles sponsored by the Department of Music, the Vocal Studies Program provides additional opportunities for singers’ involvement and musical growth.  Under the direction of acclaimed soprano and pedagogue Patrice Michaels, this program encompasses both individual and group coaching opportunities as well as master classes and workshops on the singers’ art.  Participants have the opportunity to perform on Thursday Tea Time Concerts, on Vocal Music Showcase concerts, and in a variety of special programs on campus and in the Hyde Park neighborhood.  Special projects may focus on a particular theme, a particular composer, or a particular genre or historical period.  Singers also have the chance to work with instrumentalists involved in the Chamber Music Program or Piano Program, and to collaborate with Department of Music graduate and undergraduate composers on new works.