Music Colloquium Series

Colloquia are the means by which graduate students integrate themselves into the broader scholarly community. There is really no substitute for this kind of real-time interaction in which we learn how to best communicate our research interests, goals, and methods.

- August Sheehy, Graduate student in Music History and Theory

The Department of Music Colloquium Series brings leaders from across the fields of music theory, history, composition, and ethnomusicology to present their work to faculty and graduate students. The series provides students with access to scholars working at the forefront of their fields. It is an all-departmental dialogue, which graduate students organize alongside faculty in response to the Department’s intellectual and musical interests.  

Unless otherwise noted, colloquia are free and open to the public. Receptions follow.

Autumn 2016

Mary Ann Smart, History, Professor, Music Department, UC Berkeley

"The Manufacture of Extravagant Gesture: Labor and Emotion on the Operatic Stage"

Friday, Sept 30, 3:30 pm – Fulton Recital Hall.

George Lewis interviewed by Anthony Cheung, Composer, Edwin H. Case Professor of American Music, Columbia University

Friday, Oct 7, 3:30 pm – Harris Theater Donor Room (205 E Randolph St)

World premiere of George Lewis's String Quartet 1.5: Experiments in Living to be performed later that evening by Spektral Quartet. Colloquium and performance are in conjunction with Ear Taxi Festival. Tickets and info here

Jocelyne Guilbault, Ethnomusicology, Professor, Music Department, UC Berkeley

“The Politics of Musical Bonding: New Prospects for the Study of Worlding Creative Practices”

Friday, Oct 21, 3:30 pm – Fulton Recital Hall

Sumanth Gopinath, Associate Professor, Music Theory, University of Minnesota

"Marxism and Minimalism: A Troubled Intersection"

Friday, Oct 28, 3:30 pm – Fulton Recital Hall


Winter 2017 

Mauro Calcagno, Associate Professor of Music, University of Pennsylvania

"Postdramatic Baroque: Revisiting Early Opera Today"

Friday, Feb 3, 3:30 pm - Fulton Recital Hall

Patricia Hall, Professor and Chair of Music Theory, University of Michigan

"In the Margins"

Friday, Feb 10, 3:30 pm - Fulton Recital Hall

Tania León, Professor of Music, Brooklyn College and the Graduate Center of CUNY

"“Nostalgia del Futuro” Polyrhythms — Music in Cuba and América Latina"

Friday, Feb 24, 3:30 pm - Fulton Recital Hall

Lars-Christian Koch, Professor of Musicology, University of Cologne

"The Prussian Phonographic Commission 1915–1918 in Prisoner of War Camps"

Friday, Mar 3, 3:30 pm - Fulton Recital Hall


Spring 2017

Daniel Neuman, Professor, Ethnomusicology, Mohindar Brar Sambhi Chair of Indian Music, and Interim Director, UCLA Herb A​lpert School of Music

Friday, Apr 7, 3:30 pm - Fulton Recital Hall

G. F. Haas, Professor of Music, Columbia University​

Friday, Apr 21, 3:30 pm - Fulton Recital Hall

Tim Rice, Professor, Ethnomusicology, UCLA Herb Alpert School of Music​

Friday, Apr 28, 3:30 pm - Fulton Recital Hall

Danuta Mirka​, Reader in Music, University of Southampton

Friday, May 5, 3:30 pm - Fulton Recital Hall

Eric Drott, Associate Professor of Theory, University of Texas at Austin​

Friday, May 12, 3:30 pm - Fulton Recital Hall