Chamber Music Program

Chamber Music Recital

Chamber Music Program  •  Daniel Pesca, Director

A wide-ranging and inclusive Chamber Music Program provides numerous performance opportunities for student musicians.  Chamber music groups are set up at the beginning of the year, then guided in the selection of repertoire and coached regularly by Chamber Music Program Director Daniel Pesca and members of the Spektral Quartet.  Periodic coaching opportunities with other Chicago-area musicians are available as well, as opportunities arise and/or repertoire dictates.

Chamber music groups participate in quarterly Chamber Music Master Classes and perform on the Thursday Tea Time Concert Series and/or on the Chamber Music Showcase concerts that take place each year.  Additional off-campus performance opportunities are also available, including regular recitals and concerts at Montgomery Place, a local retirement community.

All musicians interested in chamber music should sign up for a Chamber Music Placement Audition at the beginning of the academic year, as most placements are made at that time.  Players are assigned to chamber music groups with musicians of similar repertoire interests, experience, and musical abilities.